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The best journey always leads home.’  My journey lead me to Rockport , Texas, my home for the last 10 years.  Now it is my pleasure to assist  you in finding your home.

Leveraging my experiences as a business owner here, I am known for my

excellent client service, personal touches and a good negotiator with my

client’s best interests at heart. As a realtor I will represent my clients to the best of my ability, educating them throughout every step of the process, providing top notch service and information.

I left Calgary Alberta , Canada in 2001 to travel , find the right place for me. During that time I bought and sold several homes, moved and relocated many times. I understand the process of purchasing, selling, moving and resettling, from the client’s perspective.

Travel isn't my only passion. I have two fabulous grown children, who love to visit Rockport . Love Texas actually !! Like me! Also I love animals and have worked with The Rockport Horse Rescue.  I currently sit on the Board for Rockport Little Theater and am so proud to say I am a part of that very creative group.  I participate in our Murder Mysteries when ever possible!

In a past life I was an exhibiting watercolor Artist and love the rich art and cultural life here in our community. Meeting and greeting new and wonderful people is a joy for me. I got involved with the Chamber in 2009 and met A LOT of people.  I am a graduate of LAC class 16 ( the Dog Park Project Yeah!!)

Key Allegro Real Estate is where I hang my hat today and I am so pleased to be working with this great group of professionals.

Five words you can count on from Danah Corrigan Love, Integrity ,Commitment ,Passion and Fun! Let our journey begin!!!


Danah Corrigan


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